Endless green oasis

Dobrna’ rich history and stunning nature call you to explore and experience the pulse of the location. Be it a walk through the 200 years old park, a visit to historic attractions, the tourist offer in the surrounds… you can set off alone or join our guides on guided tours.

Health through water.

The spa park in Dobrna was first arranged sometime in 1820 by the owner of the spa resort, Count Franz Xaver Kajetan Dienersberg, starting with the chestnut alley, which connected the Spa with Dobrna in a straight line. Today, the park is spread widely between the spa resort’s buildings the and offers moments of relaxation in its green oasis; the park also has energy points.

Rides in ecological electric vehicles is something new and without a doubt a true attraction. You can visit historic attractions and tourist providers in the surrounding area, while enjoying in the beautiful nature.

We believe everyone will find an activity for themselves in the sports park. You can take the forest trail with its exercise stations leading from the park. If you’re surprised by bad weather, you can visit Hotel Vita’s gym.

To increase your heart rate and explore Terme Dobrna’s hilly environs, set off on any of its many hiking trails. Dobrna is an ideal starting point for cyclists; you will love the trails if you like riding in solitude past hills and through valleys on asphalt.

We know you will be stunned by Dobrna’s environment; experience unforgettable moments at the deer farm and don’t forget to try Minka’s strudel, which you will remember for a long time to come.

Experience the beginnings of the spa location and Dobrna as it was at the time of its Dobrna noblemen from beginning of the 13th century; visit their castles, mansions and villas, and see how they lived, where flour was ground for them and where they cooled their drinks.