Rehabilitation and physical therapy

A wide range of treatments

At Dobrna Medical Centre, we ensure success with a professionally trained team of specialists and physical therapists, who will apply complex treatment processes to enable optimal social reintegration.


Oncology rehabilitation (gynaecology and urology)

We do not treat cancer in Terme Dobrna. However, our mission is to provide the best quality of life for our patients. We offer a selection of therapies that will speed up your recovery. The treatments are set specifically for each individual, taking into consideration their needs, health, the basic treatment of the disease, possible contraindications, etc. The rehabilitation programme is agreed upon between you and a specialist doctor who will advise you on the appropriate therapy plan.

Rehabilitation after inflammatory rheumatic disease and degenerative joint rheumatism 

Ever since Dobrna was first mentioned as a spa location in 1403, turf, thermal water and fango as fundamental balneological factors have been used in its rehabilitation therapy pursuant to various rheumatic diseases. Our physical therapists are trained to perform fascia relaxation therapy, which significantly improves the situation. We are one of the few therapeutic centres applying fango and turf directly on the body, which not only warms tissue, but also gives the body an opportunity to absorb their healing ingredients. Our distinctive feature is natural, chlorine-free healing water directly from the source, suitable for patients with psoriasis, sensitive skin and other skin disorders. A specialist internist-rheumatologist works alongside our physical therapists to provide comprehensive individual rehabilitation programmes.

Rehabilitation after injuries and surgery on motor systems with functional disability 

We were the first spa resort to host an arthroscopic congress, and continue to develop state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatment post arthroscopic and other complex surgery pursuant to injury to the motor system, cervix, lumbar spine, hip and knee joints, elbows and the shoulders. In addition to manual techniques that are individually adapted for each patient, we use the latest and best technology intended for the rehabilitation of athletes. Rehabilitation is multidisciplinary and facilitated by a physical therapist in close cooperation with attending surgeons, who are specialists in neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology.

Neurological rehabilitation

We have developed a specialized programme for neurological rehabilitation which is targeted at patients who have suffered a stroke or those in the initial phase of multiple sclerosis. Our holistic approach includes occupational therapy carried out by certified physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Patients who suffered injuries of the brain speech centre can work with a clinical speech therapist. The treatment is supervised by a specialist physiatrist and a specialist neurologist.

Rehabilitation of patients with lyme borreliosis

Patient rehabilitation is highly specific, individualised and comprehensive. After completing treatment with antibiotics, patients usually don’t have the necessary social and medical support. Our approach to the rehabilitation of patients with Lyme borreliosis is comprehensive; after identifying inappropriate antibiotic treatment, we identify the associated diseases that are transmitted to a person by a tick; this is followed by treatment for immune insufficiency, chronic infection and inflammation, hormonal balance, fatigue, and sleep disorder; all accompanied by dietetic measures and educational events. Patients are detoxified, then treated for intestinal permeability and mitochondria function renewal in tandem with psychotherapy and resocialisation.

Rehabilitation of patients with sleep disorder

A specialist doctor will diagnose sleep disorder type, analyse your sleep, properly inform you of options to improve sleep quality and recommend support, with and without medicaments. Sleep disorders are not only a matter of neurologic consequence; often, they are a matter of chronic infection, inflammatory disease, hormonal imbalance and short-term and long-term psychophysical functional disorder, or simply because of inappropriate modern life tempo. A multidisciplinary approach includes a doctor specialising in neurology, neuropsychiatrist, psychotherapist, neurophysiologist, and infectologist.


Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation programme focusing on methods and techniques of diseases and injuries treatment. The treatment renews, heals and preserves the locomotor system, musculoskeletal system and degenerative and chronic diseases. The goal is to establish and restore optimal movement functions and improve the quality of life. In order to ensure the highest quality of treatments, we have gathered together the most qualified physiotherapists distinguished by their expertise and individual approaches. Using the state of the art manual methods, techniques and equipment, they make sure the solution to your problems is reached quickly and is effective and long lasting.


Balneotherapy, treatment with thermal water and peloids, relieves pain and medical conditions, and strengthens the immune system. All of the natural resources can be found in Terme Dobrna, which is a special advantage, because they can be obtained in pristine nature under controlled conditions.

Occupational therapy

Our specialists work with individuals and groups to improve the quality of life, health, safety and integration of individuals, and integration into the environment. Each individual is treated comprehensively and holistically, taking into consideration their values and home and work environment, irrespective of their deficits and limitations. Natural healing air, unspoiled nature and natural factors have been proven to help with the therapy.