Hiking and cycling trails

Increase your heart rate in nature

To increase your heart rate and explore Terme Dobrna’s hilly environs, set off on any of its many hiking trails. Dobrna is an ideal starting point for cyclists; you will love the trails if you like riding in solitude past hills and through valleys on asphalt.


Dobrna is the perfect starting point for cyclists. Whether you prefer cycling in the quiet, in the mountains, valleys, fields or on roads, this is the place for you.
Expect virtually unlimited destinations, from the stunning Savinja Valley with the Mozirje grove and the Logarska Valley to Lake Šmartinsko and the Celje Castle. There are truly numerous cycling op-tions near Terme Dobrna.

Cycling options    

  • Terme Dobrna - Paški Kozjak (difficulty level: III – approx. 14km)
  • Terme Dobrna - Rogla (difficulty level: IV – approx. 34km)
  • Terme Dobrna - Hunting cottage (Lovska koča) above Dobrna (difficulty level: II – 7km)
  • Terme Dobrna - Šmartinsko Lake – Fishing cottage (Ribiška koča) (difficulty level: I – 14km)
  • Terme Dobrna - Vitanje - Paški Kozjak (difficulty level: III – 20km)

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3 h

The trail was named after Ančka, the former owner of the Šumej homestead, who continued to live in this ancient house with a functioning open-fire kitchen until 2005. 
The trail leads along hilly terrain between the Dobrnica torrent and the Hudinja, which flows from the direction of Vitanje. There are no real settlements here, just small clusters of houses and isolated farms dotted amongst orchards and vineyards. The locals you meet here can tell you a lot about the way of life in this area. 

Trail description   3 h

Starting in the centre of Dobrna, Ana's Trail leads along the road past the remains of Villa Ružička towards Hudičev graben, past the Gutenek Castle (a former brewery) to the Kneipp trough filled with crystal clear water that springs from under the rock. Continue on past the Ledenica or Bierkeller cave and the Drenovec waterfall along the smaller waterfalls on the Drenovec stream until you reach the clearing that is ideal for a picnic. Follow the grassy track to the Marovšek farm; they have a beautiful picnic spot as well as an old smithy and small collection of antiques that they will be happy to show you. At the turn, take a right downhill and continue on your way to the Šumej homestead, where you can take a look at the preserved open-fire or “black” kitchen. From here, walk around the Gruševec hill to the village of Zavrh. In the crossroads, turn right and follow the road to the junction; take a left, pass the Flis cross and follow the asphalt road downhill until you reach the Blažič farm, where you can admire beautiful examples of rural architecture, a granary and a hayrack. They also sell excellent honey. If you are thirsty for some good wine, take a left and follow the trail uphill to the Dražnik farm; they also have honey and other bee products. From here, descend back into the valley and walk past the Švab homestead and chapel until you reach the junction; turn right and follow the macadam road to the Vrba excursion farm. Then follow the grassy track to the church of St. Nicholas and climb one last hill; the summit offers an unforgettable view of Dobrna and the surrounding area. From here, descend back into the valley and return to Dobrna.


3 h

The Loka valley is characterised by karst terrain with typical reddish-brown soil (terra rossa), dolines, sinkholes and a karst cave, Osrečanova zvonica. On the way you will find remains of watermills over 450 years old, the upper Vovk watermill is the best preserved; in the past it was used to supply flour for the Snake Castle.

Trail description   3 h

The Loka Trail leads from the centre of Dobrna through the spa on the road to Klanc, passing the many vineyards on the slopes of nearby hills. The trail climbs up to the village of Loka pri Dobrni.
Continue on past the Čerjak chapel to the valley of the mills, where you will find remains of watermills over 300 hundred years old, namely the Gregor, Petrač and Sedevšek mill as well as two Vovk mills. Over 450 years old, the upper Vovk watermill is the best preserved; in the past it was used to supply flour for the Snake Castle.
Restored in 2007, the mill is now open to visitors, offering demonstrations of the mill in operation and the milling tariffs used before World War II. The mill and its surroundings are a great draw for tourists, giving them an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air by the stream in this peaceful valley. For people who favour homemade products, there is freshly milled flour, homemade bread and other goods.
From here, follow the marked trail to the Lamperček homestead, where you can stop to see the deer and sample some homemade food. Continue on to the Blažiš homestead, which boasts a fascinating collection of antiques – old bicycles, swords, everyday items and pictures of Dobrna and the surrounding area. Enjoying the view of the remains of Snake Castle, follow the marked trail back into the valley, past the ponds to the New Castle in Lokovina. Take a left and return to the centre of Dobrna.


16 km
3,5 h

The main peaks of the Paški Kozjak, a good 10-kilometre-long, narrow and very steep calcareous mountain chain are known by the look-out point Špik – 1109 m, the highest peak Basališče – 1272 m and the highest Dobrna Štrukljev peak 1227 m.
A little way under Špik is the parish church of Saint Jošt (1063 m), from the year 1884. Beside the church, are the baroque designed parish buildings, renovated in the year 1820, the elementary school and the former parish house, a typical Kozjak residential house.  The triple border of the municipalities Dobrna, Velenje and Slovenj Gradec is situated here.  Saint Jošt is the protector of field produce and sailors.  Some 100 metres lower on the southern slope the alpine home is situated, run by the Velenje alpine society.  The home is open everyday throughout the year.

Trail description    

A marked alpine path leads from the centre of Dobrna past the Hotel Vita towards the Spa centre, along the road, over Klanc and to the Žeblar chapel at the top of Klanc.
The signpost warns us of the branch towards Loka, but we continue straight along the road. This is an easier path, well-marked, which is as well suitable for winter hiking. The steep path turns left into a hilly forest and continues along a cart track. The road brings us to the Jurk farm from where Šaleška alpine road leads right and upwards, while the XIV division path leads to the left.
The XIV division path leads upwards and left along the cart track. Exiting the pine forest, you come to a meadow and start towards the peak that offers a beautiful view of the Velenjsko Lake. The Mozirske mountains and Savinjske alps in the background. The grassy plain in front of you is named Visoko. A granite monument to the breakthrough of the XIV division stands there. The path continues across the meadow downwards toward the home on Paški Kozjak.
The Šaleška alpine path veers right from the Jurka steeply into the hill along a stony terrain, and continues along a pleasant pine and larch forest to a macadam road that leads toward the alpine home.
The paths join at the junction with the velenjska road near the alpine home.
From the alpine home the road leads upwards toward the church of Saint Jošt on Paški Kozjak and left towards Špik 1109 m. From the Špik peak there is a wonderful view of the Mozirske mountains, Raduho, Peco, Uršljo mountain and the Savinjske Alps.
From Dobrna to the hut on Paški Kozjak it is a three-hour walk, and another half hour walk to the Špik peak. The road mostly runs through forests, with pleasant shade, especially during the summer months. It is suitable for every hiker that wants peace, fresh air and beautiful views.


2,8 km
1 h 45 min

The Forest Teaching Trail is part of Ana’s Trail, where you can easily encounter preserved natural and cultural heritage. Drenovec’s environs, through which the new forest teaching trail runs, is a special ‘’natural sanctuary”, with the wilderness of a torrential canyon, cascades, picturesque rock towers and inaccessible forest hillsides, where you can relax on colourful fields and clearings, and encounter flora and fauna, and farm life.

Trail description    

The Forest Teaching Trail starts at Ledenica Cave and leads through the hidden wilderness of Drenovec Canyon to Brdce, then across the plateau to Marovšek Farm, and finally toward the preserved old kitchen at Šumej Homestead. The return journey to the valley runs partly on the same trail, passing picturesque rock towers in the midst of the steep forest slopes, nd ending at Ledenica Cave.