Comfortable accommodation in the heart of nature

Dobrna Spa Resort is protected as a heritage settlement thanks to its settlement, landscape and building features. In addition to its medicinal thermal water resources, this sheltered location at the foot of Paški Kozjak’s mild climate and lush vegetation were decisive factors in the spa resort’s development.

The last large representative building built during the golden age of the spa boom, in 1872, was named Schweizerhof – Švicarija, after its characteristic features of the time. It used to be one of the most beautiful hotels in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the pride of the Styrian region. In 2023, it underwent a comprehensive renovation.

The highlight of each apartment's prestige, comfort, and elegance is the private spa, which includes a turkish sauna, thermal rain shower, and an outdoor wooden tub with natural thermal water.

The story of the Boutique Hotel Dobrna **** began as early as 1862. As part of the then spa complex, it hosted eminent gentlemen from all over Europe. Hotel reopened its doors in 2020 and offers its guests luxury in peace, privacy and unspoiled nature.

Completely renovated in 2020, Vila Higiea offers a very modern and stylishly furnished hotel rooms and a pleasant outdoor terrace that offers a perfect view over spa park. Besides the wedding hall, you can also find a wine cellar offering a variety of wines. The comfort of your stay is complemented by the views over the forests and spa park. This is perfect place to embrace calm and restore your minds.

Hotel Vita is located at the entrance of the Spa Complex and provides accommodation, wellness, medicine, cuisine and events under one roof. During your stay, you will enjoy the wonderful environment, the energetic spa park, numerous walking and cycling trails, and the beauties of the location and its environs.