Trips with electric vehicles

Fun and eco-friendly

Rides in ecological electric vehicles is something new and without a doubt a true attraction. You can visit historic attractions and tourist providers in the surrounding area, while enjoying in the beautiful nature.


4,5 km

Hikers can enjoy a 4 kilometre long road through the hilly country to the ranch Lamperček – Drev, where they keep, on 12 hectares of fenced land (6 hectares of forest and 6 hectares of meadows) a large herd of deer. They have altogether around 100 red deer, fallow deer, and mouflon. Visits should be announced in advance.  According to agreement, you can be served a snack and drink.

Trail description    

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn right and continue along the road past the restaurant 3glav and the bus stop, all the way to the institute for qualification and safety, where signs direct you towards Lokovina. The road starts to slowly ascend.  At the second junction, you turn left. After approximately 300 metres, you can see on the hillock on your right ‘Snake castle’ ruins. You continue along the asphalt road until the next junction where you turn right and slowly descend into the valley where the municipalities of Dobrna and Velenje border. Straight along the road, over a small bridge and uphill where you shall already see the deer fence. The ranch home Lamperček waits at the top where the entry is adorned by a large metal gate with a deer and capercaillie motif.


Izletniška kmetija, Domačija Lamperček, Črnova 1, 3320 Velenje

Opening hours: by appointment, mr.Tomaž Drev GSM: +386 31 318 101 e-mail:



3 km

From the remains of these ruins, only a very strong imagination can now conjure what castle life was like in what was the seat of the Dobrna County for centuries. It was built before the year 1257 on a hillock above the Lokovina settlement. The castle lords were changing in the castle until 1772 when an earthquake severely damaged it, and it became unsafe for occupation. Locally it is known as Kačji grad (Snake castle) after a former owner Matija Gačnik, who resided there in the 17th century.

Trail description    

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn right and continue along the road past the restaurant 3glav and the bus stop, to the turning where you turn right in the direction of Lokovina. You continue along a slightly ascending asphalt road and on the third junction turn left. Before you a view on the nearby hillock is opened where the ruins of the once mighty ‘Snake castle’ stand. The asphalt road takes you as far as the bottom of the hill. Afterwards just follow the signs.


1 km

The mansion Novi grad (New castle) manor house, once known as Neuhaus has a rich past. The owner Franc Ksaverij Dienersberg built Novi grad in the plane under Kačjek. While the mansion has no particular style, it is surrounded by a beautiful park and is worth a look. In front of it stands an antique lion brought from the castle Ranšperg. In the second half of the 19th century a small tower and wooden ornamentation were added. After the war, the building was used as an orphanage for war orphans; today it holds the Dobrna institute for qualification and safety.

Trail description    

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn right and continue along the road past the restaurant 3glav and the bus stop, to the turning. In front of you a beautiful park and the edifice of the Novi grad is already unveiled. Nearby the mansion several old commercial buildings are still preserved.


2,3 km

It was built in the 17th century as a might yet simple mansion. It then changed several owners.  In the year 1851 it was sold to the count Franc Anton Kolovrat Liebstein, who reorganised it into a brewery, one of the oldest in Slovenia. Not far away, in a rocky sheer slope, he enlarged and changed a natural limestone cave into a cooler and beer storage.

Trail description    

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn left and continue past the stone entry into the park of former Villa Ružička. At the bridge over the Dobrnica stream, you turn left and keep on the ‘Hudičev graben’. After 30 minutes at a moderate walking speed you will be greeted by the once mighty Dobrnica mansion.


2,8 km

Not far from Gutenek Mansion, Dobrnica’s mansion, towards Hudičev graben, you find Ledenica Cave, which used to be called Bierkeller; just follow the road signs, its easily found. In the distant past, the natural limestone cave on the rocky slope was extended and turned into an ice storage chamber for cooling Dobrnica Mansion’s brewery’s beer; later, it served as a drinks storage and cooling room. In the winter months, people stored ice obtained from nearby fish ponds in it, which did not melt until the end of the summer.

Trail description    

In front of Hotel Vita, head towards the centre of Dobrna; at the roundabout, turn left and continue along the main road towards Hudičev graben; at the intersection for Klanc and Zavrh, you pass Dobrnica Mansion, from where you continue to the signpost for Ledenica Cave.


1 km

At the farm, you can be served a wide range of home-made aperitifs (e.g. bilberry, walnut or plum brandy, etc.), herbal infusions, fruit juices, Turkish coffee and white or red wine. If you feel like having something to eat as well, they will be happy to prepare a selection of cold cuts comprised of home-made dried meat products. These as well as cracklings, various types of pâté and spreads can also be bought in their shop. They can also provide you with stores to take home (e.g. wild garlic in pumpkin seed oil or olive oil, pickle, mixed salad, plum jam), and in summer months also with seasonal vegetables from their own garden. The shop is open Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Having inspired the name of the visitor farm, the owner Minka is best known to guests from near and far for the incredibly wide range of sweets. If you order in advance, she can make anything from apple or cheese strudel, gibanica cake, sweet cheese dumplings, to gingerbread biscuits, varied tea biscuits, potica cake and more. On Saturday mornings, you can treat yourselves to Minka’s sweets at the local market in the centre of Dobrna next to the municipal building. Occasionally you can also buy a new variety of sweets made on a whim. If you can’t make it on a Saturday, you can visit them in the lobby of Vita Hotel on most Sundays.

Trail description    

Heading from the centre of Dobrna, the way takes you in the direction of Paški Kozjak for a kilometre and a half, first passing the Dobrna Spa and Kapelica Gallery. At the crossroads of three roads continue along the middle one. After a few metres of driving uphill, the recognisable logo of the farm, a smiling biscuit, will appear on the right side of the road.


Klanc 29, 3204 Dobrna
T: +386 3 577 83 33
M: +386 31 78 36 29
Facebook and Twitter: @PriMinki‎


800 m

In an old warehouse of Terme Dobrna, the exhibits, that almost make us see the scenes from lives and work of our ancestors, have been gathered.
Exhibited are the tools of domestic trades (such as shoe making, tayloring, mill trade, spirits distillation, blacksmithing, beekeeping, ...). We can move for a few moments into the townsman’s kitchen, the black kitchen, the farmer’s “hiša” with religious paintings, the domestic “izba” or “štiblc”.
Jože Polenek has been collecting antiques for more than ten years and has gathered quite a number of things worth looking at.

Trail description    

The path leads from Hotel Vita past Vila Higiea and Hotel Park, then alongside Hotel Park’s sand parking lot leading uphill; after approximately 400 metres of walking, you turn right to reach your goal.


Hiša kulturne dediščine Polenek
Opening hours: by appointment
M: +386 41 844 261 (Jože Polenek)